House Churches

Currently we have three house churches, meeting on Fridays or Saturdays (7pm) please contact the church to meet with their respective shepherds and join in the fellowship
NK House Church


Our house churches are currently configured in relatable age-groups according to their seasons in life.  The NK House Church is comprised of post-college young adults including several married couples.  Their shepherd Sam Kim and his wife Chloe host their weekly gatherings where they share table fellowship (lovingly prepared meals), pray for one another, hear each other out in mutually affirming and edifying conversations, discussing and planning out means of outreach and impact in the community.  Deputy shepherds Lawrence and Juliet help out Sam and Chloe in the ministry, very much like a family.  

The NK House Church is also dedicated to support evangelical, missionary efforts for the souls in North Korea through prayer and other variety of means.  They meet regularly in their home in the Fullerton area, sometimes holding their own fellowship outings like camping, dinner outing, canoeing, baseball game outings, just to mention a few things that they have done just last year during 2018.

Bangkok HC.jpg
Bangkok & Tijuana House Churches

Bangkok & Tijuana House Churches are led by shepherd Adam Joo and deputy shepherds Kevin & Joy Kim young adults overseeing a fairly sizable college-age group.  The college students that meet are from Cypress community college, local trade schools, and other state schools like CSULB, UCI, UCLA, and more remote schools like UCSB and Cal State San Luis Obispo.   

They function as a support network for each other during college years, with the focus on preparing for life at the critical period at the end of school (whether to pursue further education or to join the work force) by placing priority in spiritual maturity in Jesus Christ, to make maximum impact in this life for the Gospel.  They support Scott Bang and his family stationed in Bangkok as long term missionaries in Thailand for the past four years.